Photographing Trinidad, Cuba

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Episode 4 of “3 Minutes in Cuba”: Trinidad Street Photography We are hunting right now,” says Julio Muñoz as we wander the cobblestone avenues and alleyways of Trinidad, Cuba. “I want you to have an eagle’s eye.” We’re exploring the exquisitely preserved colonial town with the local photographer, who has been photographing the residents ofRead more

Putting Mackinac Island on the Map

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A first-timer discovers Michigan’s favorite island getaway Michiganders always have a map on hand. Anytime you talk to someone about places to visit in their state, he or she invariably puts up their right hand and points to a spot on their palm as if they were divining the future like a palm reader. TheRead more

California’s deadliest beaches

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The rugged beaches along Sonoma coastline are known for their pristine beauty, but danger lurks at the water’s edge. The sign at the end of the parking area at Goat Rock Beach says it all: “This is one of the most deadly beaches in California.” Strong rip currents, violent surf and sudden sleeper waves haveRead more

Travel Inspiration: Palau

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It doesn’t take much for an exotic destination to demand my attention, but seldom can I pinpoint the moment it starts to get under my skin enough to exacerbate my travel itch (an incurable chronic condition). Thanks to writer Jacqueline Detwiler, my bucket list has gotten even longer. The island of Palau started beckoning theRead more

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