Far-flung Travels volunteers time, money and photography to charities, organizations and causes it believes in.

Those of us who travel gain a better understanding of cultures that differ from our own. With that knowledge, comes a broader understanding of the social, political and economic divides that often separate us. Philanthropic travel is the natural bridge between the global traveler and the socio-economic needs of the globe’s communities that inspire us to visit. While there is a time and place for travel for travel’s sake, traveling with a purpose gives us meaning where ever our paths lead.

Far-Flung Travels gives back in the following ways:

1. VOLUNTEERISM: Writing, photography and video are powerful media through which to communicate, educate and bridge divides. We help organizations that are interested in drawing attention to their cause through on-location photo- and video-journalism projects.

2. MICROFINANCING: We offer financial support on an individual case-by-case basis to meet the needs of the poor in developing economies.

3. ONLINE GALLERY SHOWS: We help organizations raise funds through online photography auctions. STANDING WATERA girl fills a jerry can at a source of water contaminated by human and animal excrement, not to mention environmental waste from an unauthorized brickmaking operation. Many Ugandans do not have access to safe water from protected sources. As a result, they run the risk of serious illness while depending on unsafe sources, such as rivers, lakes and unprotected springs.

4. CHARITABLE GIVING: Far-Flung Travels provides framed photography for charity auctions. To request a donation, please send the following information:
• TAX ID: Your tax ID number and the state where you are formally registered as a not-for-profit/tax exempt organization as defined by IRS Code 501(c)(3).
• SUMMARY: A 200-word targeted summary about your organization, including what you do, who you help and where you receive your primary funding.
• REQUEST: The type of photography by destination or subject.
• WHO WILL BENEFIT: Who your request will help, including the age range of children who will benefit.
• WEBSITE: Link to your organization’s website.
If we feel there is a potential opportunity, we will respond and request additional information and documentation. We thank you in advance for your understanding of our donation request guidelines.

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