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In 2013, the Aurora Borealis is at the peak of its 11-year cycle. Here, the lightshow dances in the night sky above Chena Hot Springs Resort near Fairbanks, Alaska. 10 secs @ f/2.8 with a 5D Mark III at 4000 ISO.
Travel the world through the eyes and lens of photographer Laura Watilo Blake, who has journeyed from the heights of the Himalayas to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, documenting a destination’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history.

More than 100,000 images on file are available for licensing for editorial or advertising uses. Prices are negotiated for each particular use depending on the size, location and duration of the use. Generally, there is a US$100 minimum usage fee.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Tibetan girl, who lives within the boundary of Mt. Everest National park, pauses from her yard work. The towel under her braids helps to keep the rain off her head. The bangles on her arm match the colors of the double rainbow that appeared behind her.

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