Can this caterpillar predict the future?

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Some say the woollybear is the “Punxsutawney Phil” for winter forecasting . . . After spotting this little guy on the sidewalk this morning, it reminded me that the Woollybear Festival in Vermilion, Ohio, is coming up on October 6. Ohio’s largest one-day festival is dedicated to the fuzzy larvae of the Tiger moth, whichRead more

Other-worldly landscape

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There are certain places in the world that look like they should be the setting for a Sci-Fi movie. Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico is a bit like that. The unique landscape is punctuated with cone-shaped hoodoos of soft pumice and tuff, capped with pedestal rocks. The name Kasha-Katuwe, which means “whiteRead more

California’s deadliest beaches

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The rugged beaches along Sonoma coastline are known for their pristine beauty, but danger lurks at the water’s edge. The sign at the end of the parking area at Goat Rock Beach says it all: “This is one of the most deadly beaches in California.” Strong rip currents, violent surf and sudden sleeper waves haveRead more

Travel Inspiration: Palau

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It doesn’t take much for an exotic destination to demand my attention, but seldom can I pinpoint the moment it starts to get under my skin enough to exacerbate my travel itch (an incurable chronic condition). Thanks to writer Jacqueline Detwiler, my bucket list has gotten even longer. The island of Palau started beckoning theRead more

Open season for aurora hunting

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Aurora Borealis in September? “Absolutely,” says Alaska-based photographer Ronn Murray. “Based on my experience and other pretty hard evidence, the equinoxes produce some of the strongest auroras. We get great shows in late September and its a great time to visit Alaska, because the weather hasn’t gotten really cold yet.” Murray began chasing the NorthernRead more

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