Exploring the Music Scene in Old Town Havana, Cuba

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Episode 2 of “3 Minutes in Cuba”: Feeling the Beat of Havana’s Old Town Swish, swish, zip. Pause. Swish, swish, zip. What’s that sound? It’s a group of tourists trying to master a Cuban rhythm. We’re in Havana’s Old Town taking a percussion lesson at La Casa del Son. In a two-hour class, students learnRead more

Getting to know Cuba’s Unique Travel Quirks

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Episode 1 of “3 Minutes in Cuba”: Gas, Food, Lodging If Cuba were a person on Facebook, its relationship status would read: “It’s complicated.” Most relationships have their ups and downs, but it’s only been a few minutes since I touched down in Havana with friends and our brief liaison with the Caribbean country isRead more

Tune in Tokyo

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You WILL have to adjust the dial when you travel to Japan. It takes a little time getting used to the culture, food and language, but it’s worth it. I just landed in Tokyo in the last 24 hours and I’m just settling in to the apartment I booked with AirBnB.com. When I first walkedRead more

Bhutan sees record number of tourists in 2011

Royal wedding fever led to tourism increases in 2011, but not just in the U.K. The Kingdom of Bhutan recorded a an almost 57 percent increase — the highest in the history of the remote Himalayan country — which can be partly attributed to the nuptials between King Jigme Khesar and commoner Jetsun Pema. “TheRead more

OK Matoke

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[flagallery gid=1] Bananas are not created equally. There are many kinds that grow in Uganda, but one is an important form of sustenance and a cultural symbol to the Buganda tribe, which dominates the central part of the country. Bitooke. Most often, it’s mashed and steamed inside of banana leaves to make matoke, the nationalRead more

Built for Africa

Three male teachers surround us in the school yard, just as thirsty for information as the kids they teach at the primary school. “Why don’t you drink our water? Is it not as clear as yours? Yes, it looks clear, but there are microscopic things you can’t see in it that causes illness, we explain.Read more

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