Putting Mackinac Island on the Map

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A first-timer discovers Michigan’s favorite island getaway Michiganders always have a map on hand. Anytime you talk to someone about places to visit in their state, he or she invariably puts up their right hand and points to a spot on their palm as if they were divining the future like a palm reader. TheRead more

Year of the Horse: Head Out on Horseback

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[flagallery gid=5]The Year of the Horse, which according to the Chinese lunar calendar starts January 31, has been predicted to be full of good luck and prosperity. Prognosticators say the coming year will be an excellent time to travel — “the more far away and off the beaten path the better.” There’s no better wayRead more

I am covered

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Out from behind the lens, photographer Laura Watilo Blake finds herself on the cover of New Mexico Magazine’s March 2011 cover.Read more

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