Getting to know Cuba’s Unique Travel Quirks

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Episode 1 of “3 Minutes in Cuba”: Gas, Food, Lodging If Cuba were a person on Facebook, its relationship status would read: “It’s complicated.” Most relationships have their ups and downs, but it’s only been a few minutes since I touched down in Havana with friends and our brief liaison with the Caribbean country isRead more

Bolivian Car Blessing Ceremony

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You can’t do anything in Bolivia without first performing a ritual blessing, also known as a cha’lla, which is performed to bring a person luck by appeasing the earth goddess Pachamama. In the town of Copacabana, not to be confused with the more popular beach town in Brazil, people come from all over to takeRead more

Off to the Races: Camel Racing in Dubai

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A line of speeding white 4x4s emerges from a thick fog of airborne desert sand, and they are heading directly at us. Munir, my taxi driver, pulls off the pavement just as the herd blazes past at lightning speed — the occupants honking furiously, but not at us. Their attentions are turned toward the adjacentRead more

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