Cuba: The Next Foodie Frontier?

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With more Americans taking an interest in Cuba, the Caribbean country has the potential to start a new food revolution. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a lot about President Obama trying to improve U.S. diplomatic relations with Cuba, our Caribbean neighbor just 90 miles south of Florida. The news ofRead more

How to travel solo in Cuba as an American

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Have you ever searched for a recipe online and had to scroll through a long diatribe about a blogger’s favorite memories of her grandmother before finally getting to the nitty gritty? If you are an American and are interested in traveling to Cuba legally on your own right now, I’m going to save your thumbRead more

Where to find organic products in Lima, Peru

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Lima used to be a quick stopover for visitors on their way to Machu Picchu, but in the last decade, the Peruvian city has transformed into the gastronomic epicenter of South America. “Last year, thousands of people came to Lima just to eat,” says Lucas Montes de Oca, the co-founder of The Lima Gourmet Company,Read more

Putting Mackinac Island on the Map

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A first-timer discovers Michigan’s favorite island getaway Michiganders always have a map on hand. Anytime you talk to someone about places to visit in their state, he or she invariably puts up their right hand and points to a spot on their palm as if they were divining the future like a palm reader. TheRead more

Sylvania Web Series Follows Far-Flung Travels to New Mexico

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Sylvania Automotive Lighting shares stories from the driver’s seat in The Light ShiftTM, a special look at how automotive lighting impacts those who work or play while the rest of America sleeps. I am accustomed to getting up early for a sunrise photo shoot, but on July 30th, I had a call time of 3 a.m.Read more

How to find Polaris for Star Trail Photography

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Shooting for the stars with astronomers at the Perkins Observatory in Delaware, Ohio Jim Varadi doesn’t need a Star Chart app on his iPhone to identify stars an constellations in the night sky. The amateur astronomer knows instinctively where to look. So, when I got an assignment to photograph a night-time program at the PerkinsRead more

A Taste of Copenhagen’s Haute Cuisine Scene at Geranium

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Home to some of the highest ranked restaurants in the world, Copenhagen has spawned a culinary revolution in recent years, but you’ll have to book months in advance to take part. The elevator my husband, Chris, and I are taking to the 8th story of Copenhagen’s soccer arena is packed with people on their lunch break,Read more

“Making Waves” Film Released Online

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Of all the far-flung adventures I’ve had, going to Uganda to make a film about water issues holds a special place in my heart. Watch the full version of “Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda” above It’s been nearly five years since I started planning and embarking on a life-changing journey to Uganda, the resultRead more

Create-Your-Own Ohio State Park Vacation

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While state parks are known for their camping facilities, there are comfy lodges that put you smack-dab in the middle of nature without the discomfort of bugs or sleeping on the hard ground. Here’s how to choose the state park and lodge that’s right for you and your family. If you live in Ohio, chancesRead more

Create-Your-Own Adventurous Ohio State Park Beach Vacation

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Editor’s Note: If you’ve arrived at this page via an internet search, you’re in the middle of a choose-your-own adventure game. If you’d like to play along, please start with “Create-Your-Own Ohio State Park Vacation.” And the winner is: Maumee Bay State Park At around 1,300 acres, Maumee Bay State Park offers a little bitRead more

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