How to travel solo in Cuba as an American

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Have you ever searched for a recipe online and had to scroll through a long diatribe about a blogger’s favorite memories of her grandmother before finally getting to the nitty gritty? If you are an American and are interested in traveling to Cuba legally on your own right now, I’m going to save your thumbRead more

Tips for getting by on less in Zürich

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Swiss bank accounts, chocolate, timepieces and army knifes. I’m swooning at the quality goods and services that this small country produces. Somehow, within two hours of landing in Zürich, Switzerland, $100 (roughly 87 Swiss Francs) slips effortlessly out of my wallet, but it wasn’t because of a shopping spree. [dropshadowbox align=”left” effect=”lifted-both” width=”188px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff”Read more

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