Competitours 2009: Day 4 in Munich

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Editor’s Note: Competitours is not your ¬†typical vacation; it’s a team-travel contest that takes place in Europe and anyone can sign up to take part in the fun.¬† It’s Friday, it must be Germany. We came back to Munich for a couple days-worth of challenges in this large, cosmopolitan city. We definitely saw quite aRead more

Departures from the Ordinary

Have you thought about where you’re going on vacation this summer? Yeah, I know . . . the economy. Some travel companies are trying to sweeten the deal to be more enticing to travelers, but the best offer I’ve found is with Competitours, a travel competition that offers the chance to win a worldwide travelRead more

Journey to the Center of the Earth

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The equator lies about an hour’s drive north of Quito. But until the invention of GPS navigation, the true “line” between the north and south hemispheres was as scientific as someone building a monument and claiming it was located at the equator. Various markers have come and gone in the modern age, but only oneRead more

I’ve Been Through the Desert on a Camel with No Name

What do you get when you cross three Brits, four Americans, one Arab and a minibus? A cross between an iPod commercial and the film “Little Miss Sunshine.” Our trip to the Sahara Desert got off to a good start with Rock the Kasbah blaring on the van’s speakers. One of our fellow travelers hadRead more

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