Historic documents destroyed by retreating insurgents in Mali

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Gone forever are these 12th-century manuscripts from the Centre de Recherches Historiques Ahmed Baba in Timbuktu / Photo by Laura Watilo Blake These delicate pages of text survived for centuries in the dry desert air in Timbuktu, a remote outpost of the Sahara Desert in Mali, which was once a wealthy trading center. Today, theRead more

A different way of seeing Stonehenge

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Photography tips for shooting the iconic tourist attraction Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by the mystery of Stonehenge, a circle of upright stones in a grassy field in the English countryside. When I finally saw it for myself, I was no less awestruck, although the mystique is marred by the intersectionRead more

Radio show features philanthropic deeds

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The Intentional Traveler interview with Far-Flung Travels highlights work with Drink Local Drink Tap in Uganda Canadian Michael McCarthy has been covering the topic of philanthropic travel for nearly 20 years and is currently in the second season of his radio show “The Intentional Traveler.” He says, “we are all ambassadors for our own culturesRead more

Don’t leave home without these travel necessities . . .

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. . . plus, tips for packing lighter and smarter Now that airlines are starting to charge for everything, including carry-on luggage, it’s even more essential to travel with less. You may not be able to take everything you want, but making the right choices ahead of time means you won’t hit the airlines’ maximumRead more

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