What’s cooking in Petra

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill a sheep or something,” says Chris on our way to a cooking class at the Petra Kitchen on Sunday (November 6, 2011). “If there’s any day that I would have to, it would be today.” He’s referring to Eid al-Adha, also called the Festival of Sacrifice, anRead more


I don’t think I can lift a finger tonight after spending nine hours hiking through the ruins of Petra, followed by a scrub and beat down in a nearby hammam. I may be sore, but the pain was worth it. Petra is truly amazing. They say that pictures don’t do it justice, and I agree.Read more

Off to the Races: Camel Racing in Dubai

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A line of speeding white 4x4s emerges from a thick fog of airborne desert sand, and they are heading directly at us. Munir, my taxi driver, pulls off the pavement just as the herd blazes past at lightning speed — the occupants honking furiously, but not at us. Their attentions are turned toward the adjacentRead more

Dubai is on top of the world

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“We are lucky to have the sheiks here,” says Mohammed Labeeb, of Arabian Adventures. “They have really invested in the country.” Look around Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and chances are Sheik Mohammed had something to do with it. He dreams it, he builds it. Take, for example, the Burj al-Arab, the sailboat hotelRead more

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