How to die in 20 seconds or less

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a.k.a. A Near Miss on the Nile Deep breath. I was suddenly under water with bodies coming down on top of me. I am not sure how I managed to stay calm in all the chaos, but it was crucial to surviving. There were five of us in the same boat; a raft to beRead more

Celebration and Sadness

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“We’re going to cry when you leave,” said Patricia, the 13-year-old girl with the beautiful singing voice. I was touched and started to tear up. She, Gorrett, Erin and I sat together on the cement stoop on the back porch of the parish house under a light that was swarmed by flying termites. It wasRead more

The first drop

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The rain has come! If there’s anything needed more than clean, safe drinking water, it’s a good downpour. The rainy season in Uganda usually starts in August, but the country has been going through a year-long drought that has ruined crops and driven prices up, causing people to conserve on even their most basic needs.Read more

OK Matoke

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[flagallery gid=1] Bananas are not created equally. There are many kinds that grow in Uganda, but one is an important form of sustenance and a cultural symbol to the Buganda tribe, which dominates the central part of the country. Bitooke. Most often, it’s mashed and steamed inside of banana leaves to make matoke, the nationalRead more

Built for Africa

Three male teachers surround us in the school yard, just as thirsty for information as the kids they teach at the primary school. “Why don’t you drink our water? Is it not as clear as yours? Yes, it looks clear, but there are microscopic things you can’t see in it that causes illness, we explain.Read more

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