A Bull Market

In a move that has the bullfighting industry seeing red, a matador has agreed to advertising a beverage on his cape. According to industry experts, this is the first time such a promotion has appeared in the ring. Some say the cape is sacred part of the “ritual of bullfighting,” while others say sponsorship hasRead more

Excess Baggage

You won’t see these suitcases coming around the baggage carousel any time soon: 1. This meat bag was part of a print advertisement campaign launched by VLCC, a beauty and fitness company in India. 2.French designer and artist PinkWolf has created luggage that makes a bold statement in the security line. If the gun suitcaseRead more

It wouldn’t be so funny if it happened to you . . .

Travel is full of unexpected surprises (good or bad); that’s one thing I like about it. But sometimes, things can go a little too far. In this case, it’s far more enjoyable to read about travel mishaps than experience them first-hand. “Monkey pushes woman off cliff” read the headline on Wednesday’s “Weird News” feed. Naturally,Read more

Heading out again

In a few weeks time, I will be going abroad once again. Chris will be attending a conference in Madrid, and then we will travel together to Portugal. After I got laid off in February, I extended my travels on either side of his conference, which means I’ll be out and about for a totalRead more

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