Day One Pays Off Despite Lack of Sleep

The cure for jet lag is to have too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. That sums up our first day in Europe, which we spent in Switzerland. In the span of 12 hours after arriving in Geneva, we were faux waterskiing, kicked off a train, invited to aRead more

United Nations

With only a couple days before the Competitours travel competition, my Canadian teammate and I met for a planning session in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Sunday. Up until that day, we spoke briefly on the phone and then communicated via e-mail before finally meeting face to face (see the video of the exact moment, here).¬† It’sRead more

The first clue in a race across Europe

After much anticipation, Competitours participants have received a clue revealing the first destination in Europe, delivered in the form of an airline record locater code. I keyed in the numbers on the airline website and . . . voil√°! We’re off to the land of ticking watches and fat bank accounts. Sure, I’ve been thereRead more

Europe, the unconventional way

I am leaving for Europe on Tuesday and I have NO idea where I’m going yet, but I know it will be one of those incredible trips of a lifetime. I will be racing across several secret destinations in Europe with Competitours, an Amazing Race-style trip in which two-person teams compete for a grand prizeRead more

The birthplace of Superman unveiled

The house where Superman was “born” is located in east Cleveland’s Glenville neighborhood at 10622 Kimberly Ave (near the intersection of East 105th and St. Clair). It was in this house 75 years ago that Jerry Siegel and his friend Joe Shuster brought their superhero to life. The nonprofit Siegel and Shuster Society spend $70,000Read more

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