Hoodoo you think you are?

As water and ice eroded the sandstone cliffs of the Colorado Plateau, hoodoos were formed. Named by the Spaniards and derived from the same source as the word voodoo, these free-standing rock formations were considered sacred by Native Americans. You’ll find these unique natural structures all around Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. They come inRead more

Going over the edge

“Just sit back over the ledge,” says my guide Greg Istock.  I’ve put my trust in this man, who refers to himself as Mr. Greg, to lead me into a narrow slot canyon in Dixie National Forest near Zion National Park, but the urge to go over the edge of a steep cliff goes againstRead more

Getting a bit campy

It was the March issue of National Geographic Adventure that inspired this current camping trip with my dad and stepmom. When I pulled the magazine out of the mailbox, the cover photo showing a red rock slot canyon piqued my interest. The more I read, the more I wanted to be in the southwest again,Read more

Amazing Race champion signs on with Competitours

Amazing Race Season 14 may have ended, but Competitours will keep the excitement going this summer with its European travel competition that anyone can do. No lengthy application process is required; just the willingness to go head to head with a bonafide Amazing Race champion — Tyler MacNiven from the show’s ninth season.  Along with other teams of two, heRead more

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