The House of Meat

Flying back to Panama City yesterday afternoon was acknowledging that the trip was almost over. Six days is just not enough. The cab driver took us back to the Casa de Carmen, where we stayed on our first night. I don´t know if I mentioned this before, but the Casa de Carmen sounds a lotRead more

A howlin´good time at Boca Brava

This morning started not with a rooster´s crow, but with a rustling in the trees, and then the loud, deep cry from a howler monkey just outside our window. An extended family of monkeys call this part of Boca Brava Island home, and the night before, they were frolicking in the trees, dangling upside downRead more

So that’s why it’s called a rainforest…

Big surprise. It’s raining in the rainforest. We had a pretty clear morning for a hike in the Parque Nacional Volcan Baru on the Sendero los Quetzales (The Quetzal Trail), so named for it’s most famous inhabitant–the resplendent quetzal. The famous bird, known for it’s long green plumage, even has an Aztec god named afterRead more

Barrels of Fun

On a piece of paper posted at Cielito de Sur are more than 40 things to see and do in the Chiriqui Highlands, but for some reason, Chris and I had a tough time mustering the strength to do any of them. Instead, we lounged on the grounds of the six-acre property, napping and readingRead more

Potholes, Pedestrians and Public Buses

From Panama’s Chiriqui Highlands, visitors can see both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, from a lookout on the Baru Volcano, which rises 11,400 feet above sea level (Panama’s highest point). We haven’t seen much since it’s been raining on and off today (as expected in a rainforest). But, interestingly enough, the countryside remindsRead more

Lock and Key

A 5:45 a.m. flight is bad enough, but then we had to deal with a bumpy ride all the way down to Houston. I thought the plane was going to break apart from all the turbulence. We rocked left and banked sharply to the right. The captain said we were the guinea pigs because soRead more

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